About us


  • Status Pro founded in 1995. 

  • Today Status Pro has about 10.000 clients in four business areas:
    1. Machine Tool Calibration and Alignment (MTA)
    2. Machine Geometry (MG),
    3. Shaft Alignment (SA),
    4. Condition Monitoring (CM) by Status Pro Maschinendiagnostik GmbH
  • Currently we are consolidating and expanding our four areas of interest.

  • Status Pro develops and produces its own machine tool measurement systems.

In addition, we are associate sales partners to SPM Instruments Sweden, Acoem SA France und Easy Laser AB Sweden.

Brief summary of the company's history


Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH is founded in Bochum:
Provides measurement service for machine tools


Acquirement of SPM Instruments AB's (Sweden) German agency:
Sales and marketing of measuring technologies in condition monitoring


Patent DE19618462
Develops a method and mechanism to determine the extrinsic performance parameters of an energy transmission apparatus 

Acquired the agency Fixtur Laser AB (Sweden):
Sales and marketing of measuring technology in shaft alignment


Acquired the agency DI (Scotland):
Initial development in condition monitoring


In-house development of the vibration sensor "VIB 1185 AQS"


Branch office in Aschheim near Munich founded


In-house development of laser-measuring equipment for machine tool alignment:
Laser Transmitter T310


Further development of products in machine tool alignment and vibration annulment:
Laser Receiver R310 

Focus on solutions for wind energy applications


Patent DE102008027197
Develops a method for face-milling surface of workpieces


Patent 102010000552.5
Develops ‘Conical Lot’ for perpendicular plumb measurement in photogrammetry


Status Pro starts exporting to China under Patent DE 102010060654
Develops a method to measure the surface of workpieces and/or machine structure


Outsources Condition Monitoring (CM) department in Status Pro Maschinendiagnostik GmbH:
100% subsidiary to Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH, 10 employees with circa € 2m annual revenue. Based in Aschheim near Munich. 

Patent 10 2016 107 100.5


Completes development of the T430 laser

Agrees co-operation with Easy Laser AB, Sweden

Introduces the XT440 in Germany

Launches the web-shop shop.statuspro.de