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µWally at rotating axis µWally - upgrade kit for rotating axis
Status Pro offers a wireless rotary axis calibrator Although measurement in positioning is theoretically sufficient for almost all applications, it cannot account for the centrifugal forces involved in revolving axles. A precise angular positioning of gap and repeatability are essential for high quality machines. Here the µWally offers precisely that accurracy in measurement...
Extension kit for Flatness Measurement Extension kit for Flatness Measurement
Optional Extension kit for Flatness Measurement for surfaces up to 15 x 15 m Content: 1 x Tilted Mirror BB2
Extention kit for roll and nick Extension Kit for Roll and Nick
Extenion kit for roll and nick; µm measurement in straightness up to 20m Content: 1 x Angle Interferometer Prism IK1 1 x Angle unit with Retro Reflector RK1, base length 100 mm
Tollkit 3 Case Toolkit 3
SP Toolkit 3 Precise and effective Measurements require an appropriate mechanical adaptation. You need to have the right kit in the right place at the right time. This is adapter package is a must for professional alignment people. Naturally all the individual elements are separately available. Content: Quantity Part No. Item 1 BG 832253 T430 Adapter for large L bracket...
Quick-fit to glue stud Datasheet:
Quick-fit to M8 stud Datasheet:
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