µWally - upgrade kit for rotating axis

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  • BG-840340
  • Accessory for µLine to align rotating axis.
Product information "µWally - upgrade kit for rotating axis"

Status Pro offers a wireless rotary axis calibrator


BR_microWally_1079_E Although measurement in positioning is theoretically sufficient for almost all applications, it cannot account for the centrifugal forces involved in revolving axles. A precise angular positioning of gap and repeatability are essential for high quality machines. Here the µWally offers precisely that accurracy in measurement of motion and calibration with the help of the laser interferometer µLine. Together these two devices perform an auto-calibration of the highest possible precision in one unitary software. So there is no need to learn a new program. Separate flexible mountings provide an easy setup for countless machine tool applications. This shortens alignment to only a couple of minutes. The large lithium-ion battery inside the µWally offers up to 30h of operation, which provides the neccessary accuracy in repeatability for measurements conducted over time.

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