Machine Tool Alignment with ProLine®

ProLine® 300

ProLine® 300 – Straightness, Flatness, Level, Squareness and Parallelism all in one package only!

Flatness and levelling

Whether you need absolute levelling values or measurement relative to a workpiece, with the ProLevel® system you can measure and align surfaces like the experts!


ProLine® – the practical system for straightness


Granit master blocks are not only cumbersome but often too short as well. The T430 offers a real alternative.


In the past measuring parallelism has been very much a state-of-the-art affair. Now, with the ProLine XD this has become a fast, efficient and simple task.

ProLevel® Software

A typical read-out in the ProLevel® Software in 2D and 3D

ProLine® Software

With the ProLine® software you can not only see deviations in straightness but in pitch and roll as well. 

The ProLine® 300 package

The ProLine® 300 package: inside the box

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  • SP-ProLine300
  • Starter Package with T250 Laser for Straightness Measurements
Tollkit 3 Case
Toolkit 3
Product information "Machine Tool Alignment with ProLine®"

ProLine and ProLevel Product information

In this section you are offered a number for product packages for machine tool alignment.

So what package is for what?

Starting with the most complete package ProLine 300. With this package you can do just about ever machine tool alignment required. Straightness, Twist, Flatness Level parallelism or perpendicularity. The other packages are a subset of this with different priorities.

ProLevel 100 is fa starter packages or level and flatness. You add components to increase functionality as required. ProLine 100 is a starter package for straightness often used together with a mLevel. ProLine 200 is a big step toward the complete package 300, so if you don’t have the Budget for the 300 part with the 200. Check out the component list.

So what good about this. The T430 is kind of special and quite unique on the market today. Together with the sensors it provides the reference plane and beam for all of the about measurements. Self levering, rotating and calibration along with its precision and ease of use is very unusual. The Toolkit is very important too. Almost all ProLine 300 customers have a Toolkit. To find out which packages is best for you its probably best to call us or send a description of the work you have in mind.

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Please sign in now, to show the prices, or send us an Price request
Please sign in now, to show the prices, or send us an Price request