Battery/Steel/Paper – Roll Measurement with ProRoll 200

Order number: SP PROROLL 200
Description: Complete package with Tablet PC and software
Product information "Battery/Steel/Paper – Roll Measurement with ProRoll 200"
PC ProRoll 200

ProRoll® 200

ProRoll® 200 is a complete package consisting of the ProRoll 100 and a additional Tablet PC with installed software.


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Technical Data "Battery/Steel/Paper – Roll Measurement with ProRoll 200"

Laser Tools

T430 – Self levelling Sweep Laser

T430 Sweep Laser The T430 is a precision Laser self-levelling Laser Transmitter. It has several unique features which make it ideal for the alignment of machine tools. For example: In spite of its performance spec the unit is very small 96 x 96 mm x 121 mm. It has fiberoptical laser source which is exactly round and of Gaussian intensity distribution. It has a self calibrarion function because the house is able to rotate 360. The T430 generates two orthogonal optically coupled Laser beams. These and many other make the T430 ideal for machine tool alignment.

R260 Laser Receiver

 R260 Laser ReceiverThe R260 measures the position of the rotating laser beam. The CCD Sensor offers a total measurement range of 60mm.The laser-beam forms an reference plane. This reference plane can be measured by the R260.The Receiver offers a display on top in combination with a attachable mirror. So you can view the values from the front, the top and from behind! Additional there is a LED display on the front which indicates the current position of the laserbeam.By using the keypad at the side you can control the receiver and the laser. By using the bluetooth connection values can be automatically send to our software by pressing a "measurement" button.

R545 Laser Receiver

R545Laser Receiver with PSD Technique and Bluetooth ConnectionThe R545 is a rugged but precise 2D Laser-Position detector. It was developed originally for machine tool alignment applications. Because of the Wireless interface and its versatility it used today in a multitude of applications. Together with the ProLine V2 Software application we measure X, Y und Z simultaneously. If we use the T430 as a laser source we have a reference which automatically levels itself. These features together are very powerful and save a great deal of time on-site.Available as package with mobile viewer SP V520 and power supply (SP R545-P).

Display Unit

DU420 Display Unit

DU420Rugged UMPC for industrial on-site. The UMPC offers protectors, shockproof design, holder for hand / arm. Shock resistantWater resistantOperating time up to 10 hours, without limit while using an external adapter via microUSB


ProRoll V2 Software

ProRoll® v2Alignment Software for Roll ParallelismEasy measurement and professional analysisSuperb user interface: Practical and ergonomic Color Touchscreen UMPC, rugged and lightAutomatic Connection managementAutomatic Sensor recognitionA new reference roll or line can be chosen during the measurement100s of rolls can be managed at the same timeDifferent methods to measure rolls Pick up tool for a given reference lineExport possibility as *.csv for use in ExcelExtensive commenting and reporting facilityExport the report using your USB memory stick

Mounting Accessory

SP Toolkit 1

SP Toolkit 1 Precise and effective Measurements require an appropriate mechanical adaptation. You need to have the right kit in the right place at the right time. Content: Quantity Part No. Item 1 BG 832253 T430 Adapter for large L bracket Interface to BG 832254 1 BG 832252 Switch Magnet Base for T430 Interface Plate BG_832251 1 BG 832251 T430 Toolkit Interface Plate 1 BG 832254 90° Adapter for T430 mounting 1 BT 989119 Allen key, 3 mm 1 BT 989083 Allen key, 4 mm

Carbon Tripod

Carbon TripodBig Carbon Tripod with extensions. Length: 180 – 2500 mm.For mounting a T430 laser an 3/8 inch adapter is required. Request.

Measuring Tape

Saggar measuring tape with boreholes, Type 555, 10 m.Special tape measure with raster holes at fixed distances to allow an exact parallel movement. i.e. useful when moving reference lines.

Attachment Rods

Attachment RodsMounting Accessory for R2xx, R5xx and T250Attachment Rods, M8, Diameter 10 mm for fixturing a sensor.  Available Lengths: 60 mm (BT 948155), 80 mm (BT 948156), 150 mm (BT 948157).


Roll fixture, low profileThis adapter is of great practical help for measuring roll parallelity. The laser receiver R545 or R280/R310 is mounted on the adapter. The rods in the profile can be mounted at the inner or outer positions for smaller or bigger rolls.