R540 Laser Receiver

Order number: SP R540-P
Description: Laser Receiver with PSD Technique
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Laser Receiver with PSD Technique and Bluetooth Connection

The R540, like the R545 is a rugged but precise 2D Laser-Position detector. It was developed originally for a customers specific machine tool alignment applications. Because of the Wireless interface and its versatility it used today in a multitude of applications. Together with the ProLineV2 or Geo2000 Software application, we measure X,Y und Z simultaneously. If we use the T330 as a laser source we have a reference beam which automatically levels itself. These features together are very powerful and save a great deal of time on-site. Der R540 differs from the R545 as the receiver head has been displaced to sit in the guide surface plane. This is very important in certain applications. 

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