Rotary Kit µWally

Order number: BG 840340
Description: Wireless rotary axis calibrator
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Overview of the µLine-Systems ...

Laser-Interferometer µLine

Probably the best interferometer currently available!

µLine 10, 20 und 30 are specially designed für CNC device compensation and CMM calibration. The tools are small and lightweight.


  • Compensation unit is integrated in the laser head
  • Easy programmable in- and outputs
  • Wireless communication to sensor and PC
  • Speed up to 6 m/s in the base version. Small in size, case 350 x 200 x 250 mm
  • Option 2D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000!)
  • Option 3D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000!, also for ProLine Systems)
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Accessory µLine

Extension kit for Flatness Measurement

Optional Extension kit for Flatness Measurement for surfaces up to 15 x 15 m Content: 1 x Tilted Mirror BB2

AMK-1 Extension kit for roll and nick

Extension kit for roll and nick; µm measurement in straightness up to 20m Content:1 x Angle Interferometer Prism IK11 x Angle unit with Retro Reflector RK1, base length 100 mm  

Wollaston Kit for Straightness Measurements

µLine extension kit for precise straight Wollaston kit (10m).

Extension kit tilted mirrors for flatness measurements

µLine extension kit for flatness with 2 mirrors.

Long range optics for measurement ranges up to 90m

Long range optics for measurement ranges up to 90mµLine extension kit positioning up to 90m.